Friday, October 2, 2009

beds? landord named jesus? washing machine? ....i think we got it!

Ahhhhh! So today was D-day, las chicas and I have entered the wonderful city of Calatayud. Complete with 6 castles, roman ruins, and an abundance of Spanish english teachers that want to help us. Yes, of course, picture it, the three of us, loaded like pack mules with luggage, pretty much climbing our way up an escalotor, attacked by a crowd of 5 spanish woman, all talking like clucking hens at one.....(that one's for you Dan!) Yep, it was pretty intense, however, these women were INCREDIBLY nice, I met Rosa and Anamarie, the two women I will be working with, today and they are awesome. They are extremely excited that we are here to work with them. I guess it's been like 2 years since they had an auxiliar and now they have three. uff! Anyways, we arrived at our hotel, which is so cute! (complete with uneven steps, tempremental wifi, and antique furniture. After we dumped our stuff, we definitely set off and scoured the city. It is adorable!

We also began our search of apartments, and after four of them, we definitely found one we loved!! 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a gorgeous terraza with kitchen and dining room. All newly furnished and awesome views. I can't believe it. Here's the kicker.....i'm paying 120 euros for the room....what whaattttt! hell yea! pictures soon to come.....

After our trek through apartment ville, we definitely found some falafel and chowed down, then scoping out the bar scene. not bad, not bad. We found this place called Buddha bar and it was hilarious because we were in Spain, in a place called Buddha bar, drinking German beer (well, I wasn't), and listening to American music; only in Spain! haha. After that we went to this other crazy bar that played wicked loud techno music. Also pretty cool. hmm. It is definitely going to be an interesting year......

Oh! and I finally got a Spanish cell phone! waca waca! More details to come!!!!

until next time.....ciao!


  1. It sounds great!! Congrats on finding a place so quickly. Does that include utilities? Can't wait to see pics. Love your blogs...BTW, Mac is still waiting on your bed for you....Much Love...

  2. yayyyyy for an apartment! i'm so happy for you :) we need to coordinate our skyping a little better haha

  3. Hey Sara! Hope you & the family are having fun:) Now I know why you looked sooo tired last week... lots of partying all over Spain! The peppers look amazing!!!!
    Love Ya!
    Auntie April
    XOXOXO for all:)