Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gloria Fuertes...and who was she??

Ok ok, so the near impossible has been completed! With being in Calatayud for almost four hours, the chicas and I found an apartment! (We also got our telephones too.) We have a landlord named Jesus, and we live next to a hotel. Very monopoly like if you ask me. Anyways, we are up on the sixth floor and the view from our balcony is awesome! We can see the big castle and also some mountains off in the distance. We also have a birds eye view of the people below. gahh. Now with that done, we can sit back and relax and wait for the teaching to begin (tomorrow....)

Anways, my address here is:

Calle Gloria Fuertes 3 6B
Calatayud, Zaragoza, 50300

Packages and cards are greatly appreciated! Want to be my pen pal? hehe

Anyways, here's the apartment...

This is my bedroom...complete with yes, pink lights.

The dining area....
The living room, complete with Karli.
The kitchen! Where I'm going to attempt to make pasta sauce.....
Our balcony!!
And the incredible view from our balcony! (Yes, that is a fourth century castle standing up there.) The balcony is also where I am currently writing this post....

Well, it has been a truly splendid we must find something to do....

Tomorrow I start teaching! Could be interesting.....

Until then....



  1. looks amazing...cant wait to see it for myself...


  2. like that? 80's retro artist palettes all the way!

  3. love ittt. good luck making pasta sauce!! so awesome that you found a place! i miss europe.

  4. i love it.. it brings me back to our youth, our sweet, tacky, misguided youth haha

  5. Your apartment looks awesome!! And 120 euros is a price even I could love ;) Now I just need to catch you on at the same time as me!