Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's time I told you about the end...

Ok ok ok.....

So maybe, just maybe I forgot to update some things.... However, I'll have you guys know, that it has been bugging me day in and out that I haven't finished my adventures, and I have made a promise to myself that before Christmas, I would get these things done. I know, many of you have seen and talked to me, but at least through here you can look at some of my pictures at your own leisure and get the full details of some things that happened over there in Espana. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A traves de mis ojos....

So, I've come to realize that I haven't painted the best picture of Calatayud. Its old versus new, chipped stucco versus bright paint. Here are some of my favourites from this year, thus far, in no particular order....

San Roque at night...

The flag poles

El Paseo..rather empty

The Osprey nest right outside my bedroom window...

The front side of this little church I found...
The one side, out of four, that remains!

There was an old house in Paris, covered in vines.... (or Calatayud)

These trees remind me of hands...

Think age has set in yet?

Can't help but wondering how many people have walked this street...

Our resident dominant male peacock (He's got the biggest feathers)

Santo Sepulcro

The Plaza Espana

I'm absolutely taken with the balconies here....

The highest tower in Calatayud

Think they use the bookshelves anymore?

One of my favourite buildings here

This was the exact church where Ferdinand of Aragon was named heir to the Aragon throne...

Santa Maria

Grafitti Art

View from outside my dining room window

Fuente de Ocho Canas
circa 8th century

Wind Power!

El Casco Antiguo

El Castillo de Ayud

The castle's tower

The retablo de San Juan el Real

Dry, Aragonese countryside

San Roque!

El Castillo de Ayud

It's quite the special place. Hope you enjoy. xxx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Benvinguts a Barcelona!

So in Barcelona we arrived, tired, sweaty, and yearning to see some friends. It was Em's birthday too! She turned 24! We all met in Plaza Catalunya and then headed to our hostels for much needed showers and rest. It was so great to see Lindsey!!! We hadn't seen eachother since Christmas time!!! That night we celebrated in honor of Emily, and also there was a slight excitement to be in a big city once again. So we headed to some bars with Karli as our guide, since she lived there for a year. Overall, it was a good night.


The next day Lindsey and I headed out to do some exploring. Man, is Barca a big city...we walked forever!!! We went down to the port, we went to the Ciutatella park and met up with the other friends...who were climbing trees. Naturally, we joined in. After that, we headed straight for Gaudi.

The port
El arco!
Our group of three became six!

The very first thing I learned about in Spanish class, was Antonio Gaudi. I mean, I think I even drew a picture of Parc Guell. The excitement was mounting for me to get to the Sagrada Familia. A cathedral that has been in the process of being built for over 100 years. As we approached, I could see its four pointed bell towers looming over the neighboring buildings. Excitement was increasing. As we finally got in front of it, it was magical. We actually approached the non-Gaudi side first, however it was just as impressive. Forms and figures were coming out of every possible angles, and the angles themselves were sharp and rigid. The facade displayed every type of biblical figure possible...combining different periods of the bible, different figures and different elements of symbology. I couldn't do anything but stop and stare at it. It was too incredible. I never wanted to leave it. As we rounded the other side, we looked up and we could see the portion of the church that looks more normal, the original stonework and sidings were still evitable, however when we reached the other facade, it was completely different. This was the side that Gaudi was famous for; from afar, it looked like a giant drip sandcastle, however, once you stood up close, you could see that every drip was a different figure; one praying, one standing, one preaching. There were millions of them! It was just as impressive as the other side. Truly a magnificent work of art, and the highlight of my stay in Barcelona.

This facade is absolutely incredible....

I jsut couldn't take enough pictures!

The view from the sidewalk.

After the Sagrada Familia trek, we decided to actually trek up the mountain, Mont Juic. There we climbed the old canons, which were used to protect the city back in the day. It was super fun to be up there over the harbor. Amazing views. Afterwards, we sat for awhile and just overlooked Barcelona, a gorgeous site. La Sagrada Familia was clearly taller than most other buildings, so it impressively stood out amongst the others. We were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset up there as well.

I'm flying!

La Sagrada Familia from Montjuic
On top of Mont juic
The next day, Lindsey and I conquered el Parc Guell, another famous Gaudi work of art. Completly unique, and originally built for the intention of being used by solely the upper class, the park is mainly a circular path overlooking wilderness and the city, however the entrance and the main plaza is dripping in Gaudi art. Mosaics are the staple material used to decorate, and shaped were of no concern to this man. He had an eye for color and must have created whatever was going in his brain. No detail was left overturned, and to stand at the most front point of the plaza and look over its entrance and then beyond, the city of Barcelona, it was exceptional. Lindsey and I decided to buy lunch and we spent a nice relaxing day in the park. We trekked all over and somehow ended up at the Sagrada Familia again, just to look at it. It was so beautiful.

The entrance to the park

Everything mosaico..

The famous stairs, leading up to the main plaza...

Close up of some of the mosaics...

Barcelona was so gorgeous, we slept, we played, ran in the park, had delicious gelato by the port, rode the metro and drank wine next to fountains....what more can you ask for??

This bar was so cool! It was actually like a rainforest inside, sans the fake thunderstorm every half hour....

I arrived back in Calatayud tired and completly sick (big surprise there) and I have spent the week getting better, however extremely happy with my trip and excited for the next one! Canarias, here we come!