Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(Handwritten in plane)

So, as I write this I am currently flying over France towards the Spanish capital of Madrid. My first flight from Logan to Amsterdam was extremely pleasant- I had a nice chate with the German woman next to me and then fell asleep in complete Sara-fashion. One thing I didn´t understand was that why did my chicken meal\dinner thing have an Asian flare to it? Is that typically Dutch? hehe. The world may never know. So I´m off to Hotel Convención in the heart of Mdrid right on Calle O´Donnell- who knew parts of Madrid were Irish? Ayeeee. It´s a very pretty hotel and orientation will take place there tomorrow. On Friday, Karli, Emily and I (the other two auxiliares) will travel by train to Calatayud, making Hospedería el Pilar our home for the next week. Very cute, very quaint, is it really even a hostel? We shall see, or as the Spanish put it, ya veremos.

(Now from the Hotel....)

So my journey to the Hotel Convención was definitely a long one. 3 bags...all heavy. Who the hell did my packing, and why did I take so much crap? hhaha. I know, I know, it was me. But anyway, breaking a sweat and climbing like fourteen metro stairwells, I finally got on my train and sat for what looked to be a 1\2 hour ride. Let me tell you, you do not know what judgement is until you have to old Spanish women linked arm in arm with their crazy jewelry, staring you and your stuff up and down. And oh no, they weren´t that slick about it either. oye.

Anyways, I got to the hotel and it is beautiful, and I met my roomate for the next two nights, ironically her name is Sara too! She is from south France, so we are pretty much forced to speak Spanish all the time. She is very nice though, we get along just fine. She actually invited me along to meet up with some french friends of hers for a drink for a little while. This is when I started my adventure of finding a phone card that actually worked. It was a litle bit of a hassle...however not unobtainable. Mission phone call to Dan and the rest of the mafia troops new I was safe. hehe

Now Kristina, you would´ve loved this. We went to la Plaza de Santana for some drinks with these french dudes....(wouldn´t you know it, my french is pretty horrible....) They really didn´t speak to much English or Spanish, so I sat there enjoying the scenery, which was just fine. Picture it, a large plaza filled with baroque architecture, restaurantes and bares line the sides; tables fill the center, with a large space in the center left wide open. The terraces of individual apartments line the plaza on every corner; you can see the walks of life that inhabitat each one. One has a simple wooden chair, another filled with plants, one, an easel. Every single one has something to share. So, I´m sitting in this plaza, drinking a coca-cola with 4 french people, understanding very little of it, and what seems to come out of nowhere...and a 6 piece band, complete with two upright bass and an accordian. It just sets the tone I really here?

Well now, it is time to meet some other auxiliares and for some dinner....Tomorrow we have a full day of orientation....should be interesting.

Hasta luego!


  1. the irish are know that...ayeeeee...btw, i should be renewing my passport in the next few weeks...


  2. I am already living vicariously through you! Sounds like fun so far :-) When I was in Munich with Joyce and Peter, we strolled in and out of the stores and all of a sudden an 8-piece band gathered and started playing perfect music.