Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh....what a night! was pretttttyy packed!

Actually, I should rewind a bit back to Thursday, when Emily and I decided to go for a walk....which ended up in us climbing up to the castle of Calatayud....the big one, the mamacita, the head honcho of all the castillos around. Yea. Smart idea. Well, we climbed it, and it was gorgeous, but off in the distance, we definitely saw these giant rain clouds....haha. You bet, it happened. Halfway down the mountain, it started to pour...Emily and I were drowned rats by the time we got back to the apartment....Karli thought it was hysterical. (It was pretty funny). Well, that was experience number one with the mountain.

As for today...which we slept in, after a night of Rummy and wine....and yes, grandpa DID hang up on me. hahaha. The internet guy showed up at our door at 9:30, of all things in Spain to be on time, it had to be him. Oh well, we know have internet in the apartment...(which means I finally get to write this from my room!) After that I kinda hung around the apartment, until we decided to go to the Castle, again! This time with intentions of climbing inside. From reading a pamphlet, I found out the the reason the city has this name, is for the castle itself, which was originally a Muslim stronghold in 716. The castle, which was named 'Qal'at Ayyub"....haha, get it? Calatayud! Anyways, to get to the castle, you have to walk straight up the main street in the city, up into gypsy land, and then finally, you are at the top. Nothing but mountains surrounds you, and you can see for miles and miles....
It is incredible...unlike anything I've ever seen. Once climbing inside the castle, things got even cooler. Just imagining what used to go on in it....It's hard to believe that its still standing after all these years!
We climbed around inside, looking at all the neat alcoves and such...the stone just disintegrated in your hand, it was so old and worn.

After we got back, I made an AWESOME minestrone soup....I was throughly impressed that I actually did it. It was absolutely loaded with good we're talking, pastine, carrots, green beans, broccoli, lentils, red beans, black beans, zucchini, onions...and probably some other stuff...but it was sooooo good! Success!
Thanks grandma!!!

And, the last part to the evening was the wedding reception that took place right outside of our balcony! It was so pretty, and really cool to see the way a Spanish wedding took place. There was even fireworks! People get really dressed up, and they had a beautiful night....the music is still going on. Weirdly, the reception didn't start until about 9! uff!

Anyways, tomorrow we are Zaragoza bound for the Festival of la virgen Pilar....Spain's patron saint. This should be fun! Back on Tuesday......


  1. Amazing castle!!! And that sounds like good winter soup!

  2. That's amazing! I hope you're writing it all down in that shnazzy journal someone special gave you ;) Really, though... what an amazing story this journey will be!