Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sara, are you feeding yourself??

Yes mom....I'm eating a plenty. With a full kitchen and a grocery store on the way to work....its hard to say I've done anything but. Last night I made farfalle pasta with lemon chicken and basil with pine nuts and tomatoes.....definitely a success!
yummmm. I also made a new friend last night...his name is Don Simon, and he's 99 cents. You know, plain ol' white table wine....but oh, so delicious. So delicious, that I took a picture of him....
This is definitely the start of a beautiful friendship.

Anyways, on Tuesday, I started at the other school, Augusta Bilibilis...the biggest in the city, and my favorite of the two. The teachers are a lot of fun, and the kids are well-behaved and actually know some English, so it makes my job a little more meaningful. ha. I have one professor, who I will be with three days a week, asked me to make a slide show on American football....of all things! I definitely called in the help of my bro, and he somehow made it into the show. way to go there tiger...bringing back your glory days of '07. I also made one on Rhode Island and of the types of houses we have in will definitely be interesting to teach that. I really like teaching...but I think I like it so much because I don't really have to do anything...I talk about things that I know about, and I speak my maternal language! ah....its still only the first week though....

Other than that, we figured out our washing machine, which is helpful, and we bought our internet, so that should be up and running by next week. Next Monday and Tuesday are holidays here in Zaragoza, so we are actually going to Zaragoza for the Fiesta del Pilar, who is the parton saint of Spain. Apparently, its we shall see.... That should be fun though.

Well, good news...I'm coming home for Christmas break! I'll be home from th 23 to January 6....woo! Long vacation! I bought my tickets yesterday....

Well time for class...adieu!


  1. You're hilarious! Don Simon. Love it. The meal you cooked looks so delish - lemon chicken baby!! Glad you are settling in well. Have fun at the Fiesta!

  2. I can't wait to see you!! I was trying to convince myself it would be ok and June would come fast, but December is even BETTER!!

    I agree with Kristina, that meal looks amazing... You know, I need to learn how to cook before I get married. Guess what, bridesmaid. You just earned yourself another job! ;)

    Love you!

  3. AMAZING that you will be home :):) I'm excited for this already!