Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jueves Lardero, longaniza en el puchero!

Well, today was fiesta. Of course, it fell on the day that I work only one hour. Go figure. And, me and Em have to work tomorrow. Oh well, Carnaval is on Saturday. Costumes are on deck, alcohol on ice....haha. Michael, Lady Gags, and Hannah are all ready to get going.

So day was the fiesta of Jueves Lardero....the day that Carnaval commences. Tradition here in Aragon is to buy a specific type of chorizo, Longaniza; light and color, high in fat, and eat it. However, that would be too simple for the espanoles. hehe. No, the tradition here is that people come together in big gatherings, with lots of longaniza, and the way you eat it is 'palmeras.' Every person holds out his hand and the longaniza is measure from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinkie finger....and then you cut bread to match, and that is how big of a sandwich you eat. Once the people have their sandwiches, they all get together with their friends and families and go to the countryside to eat it. Some go to other towns, others out into the wilderness. haha. Just to eat longaniza. Go figure! People get time off from work, and children dont have school....just for this! What are we doing wrong in America? We don't enjoy enough!

Doesn't this look tropical? Nope! It was definitely like 15 degrees out...

But it was still pretty...
Winter has taken over everything....

So, in true spanish form, our friend Javier II (He is the second Javier we met in Spain) took us to a town outside of Calatayud called Nuevalos where we had a picnic next to a man made lake. It was beautiful, however, the cold was incredible. Sooooo cold. I'm still cold as I'm typing this. But we spent the afternoon in true Spanish fashion, under the sun, eating bocadillos and vino. it was truly spectacular. After we spent some time chilling our bones, Javier took us to the Roman ruins, which are beautiful. The winds followed us, and prohibited us from thoroughly enjoying the sights. Gotta love those Romans. They thought of everything.

Smelly Romans. Looks like this is where they took those community baths....
The Amphitheater!

Yesterday, the girls and I booked tickets to the Canary Islands for the end of April.....whooooa! Corralejo beach, here we come!!!

Well, time for some tutoring....and time to warm up. peace.

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